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  • Daily or weekly pickup, faxing, and emailing options are available.
  • We work hard to enter all charges, transactions, payments, and adjustments within 48 hours upon receipt.
  • Our staff is committed to working consistently on your collections and immediate follow up on unpaid or denied claims.
  • Detailed and customized practice analysis reports are available for your convenience. We also provide end of the month reports so you can evaluate your progress.
  • Reports included (but not limited to):
    1. Monthly Transactions Per Day
    2. Insurance Denial Report
    3. Provider/Insurance Productivity Report
    4. Provider/Insurance Profitability Report
    5. Negative Balance and Overpayment Report
    6. Charges/Payments by Procedure Report
    7. Receipts and Deposit Slips
    8. Referring Doctor Productivity Report
    9. Patient Receivable Detail
    10. Insurance Receivable Aging
  • We provide patient statements that are sent out as often as needed.
  • We are constantly tracking your claims so you can get faster reimbursement.
  • You can call us at anytime if you would like any specific information or if you have any questions.

To find out why BillingMD is the right solution for your practice see Why BillingMD?

What makes us different...

Availability and accessibility are qualities that set BillingMD apart from the competition. As billing specialists, we go one step further - we specialize in people, making each client feel as important as the next.
"BillingMD provides our business with efficient and effective service. We are extremely happy with the service they provide and enjoy their courteous professionalism."

Shevy Friedman, DPT
Early Steps Therapy LLC


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